4 Reasons To Support Veganism 

Running a vegan restaurant has always been difficult but the effects of the pandemic have been a true test to our integrity. In the past few years, we have witnessed many vegan restaurants close and some even resort to adding dairy, eggs, and meat to their menus. 

This has been devastating to our community.  

And for a vegan restaurant like us, to see a well-established business like Sage Vegan Bistro, make this change is feeling like we are taking a huge step back. Sage Vegan Bistro, a California-based restaurant with multiple locations and now renamed Sage Regenerative Kitchen, recently announced they’ll be serving grass-fed beef and chicken. Owner and Chef Mollie Engelhart cited regenerative practices and loss of sales since the pandemic as the main reasons to now offer non-vegan ingredients. 

And the people who comment that a vegan restaurant is destined to fail or that doing this for veganism is not worth it, take examples like this to push their agenda.

But we don’t plan to go anywhere. We understand these changes from a business point of view but we’ll never support hurting animals. Even when those that we used to look up claim there are “better” practices, hurting an animal is and will always be unacceptable.

4 Reasons To Support Veganism   

Strive to Be Compassionate

Our compassion and understanding for animals means we don’t consume them. On average, by adopting a vegan lifestyle, one person can potentially save hundreds of animals per year. This estimate includes animals like cows, pigs, chickens, and fish, among others, that are raised and slaughtered for food consumption.

Actively involved in environmental preservation

Animal agriculture is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, primarily methane and nitrous oxide. By eliminating or reducing animal products from their diet, veganism lowers carbon footprint and helps mitigate climate change. Additionally, Animal agriculture requires vast amounts of land, water, and food resources. By shifting away from animal products, vegan diets generally require less land, water, and food inputs. These actions reduce pressure on natural ecosystems and conserve resources.

Become our own advocates

Unlike a small group of loud protesters that people see in the news, most people that support veganism advocate peacefully. We love it when people that have genuine (or at least respectful) interest ask questions. On the other hand, we also believe it’s acceptable to switch the conversation to a different topic or skip content online if you’re not interested. But if you start the conversation, don’t expect a vegan not to defend their point of view! 

Spread Happiness and Understanding

Staying positive and spreading happiness is a choice. When we focus on the big picture of veganism, we see both the changes for today and the changes we’ll make over a lifetime. We understand that small changes are important even if they’re not a permanent solution. What’s so wrong about wanting to see others happy and preserving our natural resources for as long as we can?

When we support veganism, we contribute to positive changes. And when we consume food from 100% vegan restaurants, we help them stay open and acknowledge them for staying committed since the beginning. If we don’t want to see more restaurants close or add animal products to their menus, we need to support those that remain 100% vegan.

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