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Black Cats Rule! A dine-in benefit to dispel black cat myths. Have you heard of Lulu’s Locker Rescue? They are a non-for-profit, volunteer-lead, animal rescue organization working to bring light to the plight of black cats and dogs. They work to protect senior and hospice animals and to dismantle misconceptions surrounding FIV cats. Alice and Friends’ is happy to collaborate with Veggie Pilot for a fundraising project! Join us for delicious food, wonderful company, and information about the process to adopt black cats. Learn why black cats are among the most awesome to adopt. We will donate 20% of dine-in sales to benefit Lulu’s Locker Rescue animals. Please check out this video of Veggie Pilot –> https://youtu.be/SixVB7sstiY 22089236_1912781932294172_4880339529980587860_n

The Chicago Tribune recently featured Alice and Friends’ on their article “Chocolate mousse pie is rich and creamy at Alice and Friends’ Vegan Kitchen.” We couldn’t be more honored and excited! We want to thank The Chicago tribune and of course to all of you who continue to support vegan restaurants. To see a complete list of desserts, please visit our drinks and desserts page here. We also have seasonal desserts so be in the lookout by following our Instagram page at @aliceandfriendsvegan. The Chicago Tribune recently featured Alice and Friends’ on their article “Chocolate mousse pie is rich and creamy at Alice and Friends’ Vegan Kitchen.” To read the complete article, click here Featured on The Chicago Tribune We also want to give a shout out to Veggie Pilot for visiting us and taking the time to make a video review. Please watch the video and give it a thumbs up! veggie pilot

About Alice & Friends
michelin It is such an honor for Alice & Friends’ vegan kitchen to be recommended by Michelin Guide!  We really love what we do and this is truly a reward for us. About us Alice & Friends’ was founded by Alice Lee in 2001. We are steadfast in our commitment to vegan living. Our lifestyle flows out of sincere respect for all living things and a desire to make as little impact as possible on our ecosystem. Our goal Our goal is to create a wonderland for vegans and those who like and want to adopt a plant based diet , to enjoy flavorful and healthy 100% vegan dishes. We aim to make a difference to people think about being vegans. We want to make it easy for people who wants to go vegan. We are hiring! We are hiring both front and back house team members. For those interested, please email us your resume to aliceandfriendsvegankitchen@gmail.com. Thank you Michelin guide! Thank you! Thank you! And love you all!

We are super excited! Edgewater Chamber of Commerce invited us to celebrate International Women’s Day with them. We will provide samples of our signature dishes along with a variety of ethnic cuisines at restaurants led by women in Edgewater! We are so proud to be a woman and minority owned business! Please come to support local women owned businesses on March 8th! Here’s more info: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/slider/2881453 crawl

RSVP –> https://www.meetup.com/ChicagoVeg/events/235895091/ We are super excited and there’re only 18 seats left after the event posted yesterday! Please see details below or click the link above for RSVP with ChicagoVeg Meetup page.
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Starter (Soy Free): • Crunchy Sweet Potato (GF) – Toasted Pecan, Sweet Potato and Pomegranate. Salad (Soy Free, can be made nut free): • Watercress Arugula Salad (GF) – Watercress, Arugula, Walnuts, Apples, Beets, House made Apple Vinegar Dressing Appetizer (Nut Free):
Choice of • Butternut Squash Won Ton (soy free) – Butternut Squash, garlic, sage, olive oil and wheat flour wrap. or • Yaki Enoki Roll (GF) – Enoki mushroom, eggplant and zucchini. Soup (Nut Free): • Herbal Soup (GF) – Chinese Herbs with Seasoned Tofu. The root herbs-astragalus, codonopsis, and dioscorea-are classified by Chinese herbalists as qi tonics. They benefit digestion, aid absorption of nutrients, improve cardiac function, and enhance energy. First Main Dish (Nut Free):
Choice of • Pesto Quinoa (GF) – Organic quinoa, edamame, shiitake mushroom, broccoli, and radish. or • Spicy Stir-fried Soba Noodles – Buckwheat noodles, broccoli, shiitake mushroom, bokchoy, jalapeno. Second Dish:
Choice of • Malay’s Kung Pao – Non-GMO soybean protein, red peppers, green peppers, onions, ginger, peanuts on top (can be nut free). or • Thai’s Massaman’s Curry (GF) – Non-GMO tofu, coconut milk, onion, peanuts, potatoes, sweet potatoes, bay leaves, cinnamon, chili, tamarind sauce and cashews on top. Dessert: • Red Bean Soup (GF) – Traditional and popular dessert in China, Japan, Korean and Vietnam. Our version is Cantonese style – organic red bean, tapioca, and coconut milk. Treat: • Kinoko Mochi (GF) is a traditional Japanese dish that is traditionally made on New Year’s Day for luck. (Soy free without Kinoko) – Roasted soy flour, glutinuous rice, red bean. Drink: • Thai Iced Tea (GF) – House brewed Thai tea leaves with organic soy milk.
Everything is only $30 (tax and tips included) if pre-paid by calling to the restaurant at (773)275-8797 (during its working hours) at least 3 days before the event or $38 at the door. Pre-pay refund policy: 100% refund if requested at least 48 hours before the event by calling the restaurant (in its working hours). No refund after that. RSVP policy: Restaurant will be making food according the number of attendees we provide. If you RSVP for the event you agree that you will be responsible for a payment regardless if you come or not unless you cancel your RSVP at least 48 hours before the event. Anyone who is still on the RSVP list and “no show” will be responsible for $30 per person (including the guests in the RSVP) payable within two weeks after the event. Space is limited – You must RSVP to attend. Invite your non-vegan friends to show them how tasty vegan food can be!

Here’s a simple Q & A for the most frequently asked questions: Many customers ask “Are you Alice?” “Who is Alice?” “Is Alice a real person?” “Why Alice & Friends? Alice is a real person. She founded our restaurant back in 2001. “Friends” refer to us – Friends living the dream of preparing delicious vegan cuisine. It also refers to our customers who love us and our food. So, where is Alice? Alice is now in Europe, continuing her vegan dream in Vienna, Austria. We are here to continue the vegan dream – spread veganism and vegan deliciousness. “Good Friends are like Stars. You don’t always see them but you know they’re always there.” to all our friends and customers who love and support us! img_20160929_130715  

IMG_20160816_220525 For those who have dined in with us recently, you might have already tried our kitchen’s special – Satay! We’ve had such positive feedback from our customers about this special appetizer. We appreciate it very much. Since many of our customers do not know what satay is, we would like to share the basics here with you. It is believed that the true birthplace of satay is Indonesia. However, satay is so popular that it is now a common street food all over Southeast Asia. It is usually made with meat grilled on a skewer and served with a spiced peanuts sauce. Our vegan version is made with non-GMO soybean protein, soy fiber, wheat protein, vegetable oil, sea salt and vegetarian seasonings. We use turmeric, lemon grass, curry, pepper, ginger, garlic and scallion to marinate them overnight, and then put them on the skewers. The other essential ingredient of this recipe is our house-made peanut sauce. While most peanut sauce is made with peanut butter, we make our peanut sauce with real peanuts and we’re sure you’ll taste the difference! Have you tried it yet?